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Warwick advisor’s legal and accounting knowledge offers added benefits to clients

At Robert E. Bollengier Law Offices in Warwick, I have 40 years of experience helping clients meet their estate planning needs as both an attorney and a CPA. My varied knowledge and attention to detail ensures that my clients across Rhode Island leave a legacy tailored to their situation and goals. Whether you require assistance with wills, trusts or advance directives, I will explain the options clearly and establish a customized program that fulfills your needs. If you are an executor looking to carry out the wishes of a decedent or are administering the estate of someone who died intestate, I will steer you efficiently through each step of the probate process.

Accomplished law firm provides complete estate planning services

My firm works with Rhode Island clients to craft a comprehensive estate plan that allocates your property according to your directions and eases the burden on the people closest to you. I deliver detailed, personalized advice on issues such as:

  • Will drafting and execution — Regardless of other arrangements you make regarding the distribution of your property, a legal last will and testament is the foundation of a solid estate plan. My firm counsels clients on issues such as naming an executor, making charitable bequests and ensuring that your instructions are legally enforceable. Whatever concerns you have, I will help you create a document that gives you and your family the security and peace of mind you deserve.
  • Living trusts — One tool that many clients use to bypass probate is a living trust. Through this instrument, you can transfer assets directly to intended heirs upon your death. This saves beneficiaries from having to go through the probate process. My firm assists clients with these arrangements and other types of trusts that provide tax benefits and other advantages.
  • Estate taxes — My advice always includes knowledgeable and cost-effective counsel on how federal and state tax rules may affect estates and beneficiaries.
  • Updates and revisions — Proper estate planning requires frequent checks to determine whether the documents you’ve executed still reflect your wishes. My firm suggests and implements revisions to adjust for relationship and financial changes.
  • Advance directives — By creating durable and Rhode Island healthcare powers of attorney, my firm helps you specify your wishes for medical treatment in the event that you become incapacitated.

I use my unique combination of skills and experience to safeguard the assets you have accumulated. Starting with a free initial consultation, I can help you formulate a program that suits your priorities.

Dedicated lawyer guides clients through the probate process

The death of a loved one leaves a terrible void but also creates legal responsibilities for those left behind. Whether someone dies with a will or without one, my firm helps executors, administrators and potential heirs handle probate matters efficiently. From the initial filing through final distribution, I manage each legal task and offer professional accounting expertise that most law firms cannot provide. In most situations, my firm can make the proper notifications, gather the assets, and obtain court authorization to fulfill the decedent’s wishes. I also deliver strong advocacy in litigation when a dispute arises over the terms of a will.

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Robert E. Bollengier Law Offices represents Rhode Island clients in a complete range of estate planning and probate matters, including the preparation of wills and trusts. Please call 401-400-3007 or contact me online to schedule a free initial consultation at my Warwick office.

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